Md. Sarwar

Two Historical Places in Kolkata, Which are Simply the Must Visits

Kolkata has a great history and being in the city is a rewarding opportunity to explore- understand this facet of the city. The Tipu Sultan Mosque and The Kolkata GPO are two of the most significant and popular heritages of Kolkata. Head to the city to explore its heritages and history, and for accommodations choose from the best hotels in Kolkata . Kolkata is one of the most popular cities in India, and some share of the credit for its popularity goes to its history. The city is one of the most significant historical city. Though it is filled by a multitude of modern constructions and buildings, yet there are many parts of the city that are still home to some of the most beautiful and significant historical structures.

One among the many heritage sites of the city is the Tipu Sultan Mosque. It is a beautiful structure which is one of the most popular masjids in the nation. A major landmark in the city, the place where the mosque today stands is called 185 Dharamtala Street, Kolkata. It is an 18th century structure, more precisely built in 1832, and was dedicated to the great ruler Tipu Sultan. It was built on the orders of his youngest son, Prince Gulam Mohammed, and is a beautiful white structure featuring typical mosque architecture. It is obviously of immense importance to the Muslims, however people from all sections and religions visit the sacred place. However, due to the construction of metro line, the mosque suffered a lot of damages.As a result a committee was founded in 1980s whose job was to protect the old heritage and educate people about the damages that the masjid had to suffer. Nonetheless, due the efforts which the committee put the masjid is now in a good preserved shape.

Another interesting attraction for the history buffs in Kolkata is the General Post Office. It is yet another one of the most beautiful structures from the past. It is the chief post office of the entire state of West Bengal, handling most of the inbound and outbound parcels and mails of the city. Designed by Walter B. Grenville, who was the consulting architect to Indian government from 1863 to 1868, the structure of the post office headquarter features the best of the Victorian style architecture.

However, before the post office got constructed the place was the site of first Fort William. Today the place where the GPO stands is known as Netaji Subhas Road, BBD Bagh, Kolkata. The good thing is that the place also houses some of the best Kolkata hotels. The structure of the GPO is most notable for its high imposing dome roof which rises above 220 feet. Additionally, it is also known for the Ionic­ Corinthian pillars that firmly holds the dome roof. The place often remains busy with the visitors, which are primarily formed of history buffs and architect enthusiasts. What's more, there also exists an excellent postal museum inside the complex. The museum was built in 1884 and archives a fine collection of stamps and artifacts related to Indian post.

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, and is the center of almost everything in the region. It is the heart of the state's culture, economy, administration, literature, art, music, and tourism. It is a city from where came the finest musicians, philosophers, writers, poets, scientists, leaders, and many others. Head to this interesting city to explore­ understand it more precisely. For accommodations there are number of options to choose; the 3 Star hotels in Kolkata are amongst the most favored hotel types.